Procedures on international treaties enforced

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The Prime Minister has issued a directive to enhance the quality of State management, which will lead to the country getting a better deal from international treaties and agreements.

The directive is also to enforce the 2005 law and the 2007 supplement on signing and implementing international treaties and agreements.

Under the directive, all ministries, agencies and localities must now regularly review any international treaties and agreements they have made and provided updated information on their validity and any amendments and supplements. This information must now be sent to the Foreign Ministry, to ensure the country’s database on international treaties and agreements is up to date.

The Prime Minister has asked for a full list of all international treaties and agreements made since 1945, to enable the government to clarify their validity and if they are still under negotiation, to send to the Foreign Ministry before September 15, 2012.

Every ministry, agency and locality must now reveal what international treaties and agreements they are proposing to sign and take the appropriate procedures according to the law.-VNA

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