Private lessons provide main income to teachers

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Private lessons provide main income to teachers

VietNamNet Bridge – Despite a lot of exertions, the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) still fails to restrict private teaching. Teachers keep private tutoring classes, because the classes are the main bread earner for their families, while students have to go to the extra classes if they want to pass the university entrance exams.

“Extra income” is higher than “main income”

The private tutoring classes of LDD, a physics teacher of the Gia Dinh High School on Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street in HCM City are always full of students. D has three tutoring shifts a day, except Monday and Friday. Especially, on Saturday and Sunday, D spends all of his time on the teaching.

The students going to D’s classes have to pay 1.5 million dong for three month learning with two shifts a week. Every month, D can earn 50 million dong from the private tutoring classes, much higher than the salary paid by the State budget, just several million dong a month.

Meanwhile, in Vietnam, the monthly income of 10 million dong is considered “high income.”

It’s very difficult to book at a seat at D’s classes. Students need to begin studying here when they enter the 10th grade. Meanwhile, D would refuse the students, who do not follow his classes from the beginning.

A teacher of a high school for the gifted, who runs private tutoring classes in Phu Nhuan district in HCM City has been so well known, that students have to scramble for a seat at the classes. Parents would have to register study for their 8th grade children, so that the children can begin following the private tutoring from the 9th grade. This means that parents need to book a seat at the classes one year in advance.

The well-known teacher is so professional that he has a website of his own, where he informs the timetable for every school year.

NH, who is also a well-known teacher of a high school for the gifted, only accepts 10 students for every class. The students are mostly from well off families, which are ready to spend big money to be able to learn with good teachers. In general, the students gather in small classes, because they think that overcrowded classes would not bring the desired effects.

When asked about the income from the private tutoring classes, H said: “Of course, the “extra income” is much higher than the “main salary” I receive for my job as the teacher of the high school.”

H went on to say that his income is more “modest” than some other teachers, who can earn enough money to buy villas in the central area of the city just after several years of teaching privately.

The assistant professors at private tutoring classes

NCD, a well known teacher in HCM City, gives private English lessons in the living room of a house on Huynh Van Banh Street in Phu Nhuan district. When giving lessons, D usually stands next to the gate, and he runs two classes at the same time. Sometimes, when there are too many students, he would ask for the help of an assistant, named Lan, who takes care for the students of the small class.

The students go to class two times a week and they have to pay 150,000 dong a month. As such, the teacher can earn 75 million dong a month, if he runs 10 classes with 50 students in each class.

For the last many years, people have voiced their criticism against the private tutoring movement. MOET has promulgated strict regulations to restrict the private teaching. However, despite the efforts, the problem has not been settled to every root.

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