Political continuity helps Vietnam fulfill targets

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Political continuity helps Vietnam fulfill targets

The Vietnamese leaders will lead the country’s development and modernisation to be achieved by 2020, wrote Songrit Phonnguan on Thailand’s Nation Magazine.

The 11th National Party Congress selected new leaders so as to ensure political continuity and will thus ensure Vietnam’s fulfillment of development targets, the author of the article writes.

The article also reviews the country’s achievements in weathering the global financial crisis. The flexibility in adjusting the foreign exchange rates has boosted the country’s economy, especially exports. Vietnam’s export revenue in 2009 and 2010 surged toUS$60 billion, the record high in its foreign trade history. Foreign investment has also shown some remarkably positive results.

The Vietnamese Government under the leadership of the Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung set a clear goal to make Vietnam a developed country, the article says.

Phonnguan also analyses the country’s weaknesses and strengths saying that the political stability will help its development plan by creating an environment for an uninterrupted implementation of industrial policy.

Another strength is the policy to attract overseas Vietnamese investment. Thanks to this, the amount of remittances has increased dramatically to over US$8 billion in 2010.

The article goes on to say that Vietnam is now world’s number two rice exporter after Thailand. But with the annual growth in the export volume, Vietnam will overtake Thailand to become the world’s leading rice exporter. Despite facing with natural disasters every year, the country’s spirit of national solidarity will help it overcome the difficulties on the way toward further development.

Regarding infrastructure, the Government will focus on rapid construction of a modern network of roads and railways, as well as build deep water seaports to serve large cargo ships.

Public transport in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will also be improved. Finally, Vietnam will invest in nuclear power to supply electricity for rapid industrialisation.

Source: VOV

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