Politburo members visit provinces

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Politburo members visit provinces

Politburo member Ngo Van Du meets with the Bac Lieu Provincial Inspection Commission ( Image: baclieu.gov.vn )

At a meeting with the Provincial Party Standing Committee (PPSC) of Bac Lieu, Politburo member, Party Central Committee Secretary and Head of the Party Commission for Inspection, Ngo Van Du, urged the Committee to pay more attention to resolving people’s complaints, implementing the resolution on Party building, as well as promoting the studying and following of the moral example of President Ho Chi Minh.

He also asked the PPSC to thoroughly understand the key tasks of strengthening security, national defence and Party building, with a particular focus on each provincial leader’s roles and responsibilities. .

After hearing reports from Bac Lieu leaders’ on the province’s socio-economic development, and their difficulties in implementing the resolution on Party building and Directive No. 3-CT/TU, Politburo member Du praised Bac Lieu PPSC for their efforts, especially the regular meetings they hold to resolve the community’s pressing issues.

Earlier, Politburo member Du and other officials offered incense to late President Ho Chi Minh at his temple in Chau Thoi commune, Vinh Loi province, visited Bac Lieu coastal wind power plant and worked with the Bac Lieu Provincial Inspection Commission.

Another delegation, led by Politburo member, Party Central Committee Secretary and Head of the Party Commission for Communication and Education, Dinh The Huynh, had a meeting with the PPSC of Hau Giang, to discuss their implementation of the Politburo’s resolution No. 4 and directive No. 3.

To effectively carry out resolution on Party building, Politburo member Huynh asked the PPSC to continue to communicate the resolution’s contents, significance, requirements and viewpoints to all party members and officials, and aim to reach a consensus on the resolution among the Party and communities.

He also stated that officials and party members should be more critical and self-reflective to better grasp the resolution on party building, as well as actively participate in reviewing, building and suggesting amendments to Party regulations, policies and organisation, especially those related to human resources.

To enhance the implementation of the directive on studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example, he asked Hau Giang province to formalise the directive in the regular activities of party committees at all levels, foster ethics relevant to each agency and unit, as well as promote the example of local leaders.

During a two-day working visit to the northern province of Ha Nam on April 17-18, Politburo member and Permanent member of the Party Central Committee Secretariat, Le Hong Anh, asked Ha Nam leaders to effectively implement the Party resolution No. 4 and Directive No. 3-CT/TU

To successfully implement their tasks, Politburo member Anh said Party committee leaders should renew their leadership and promote roles and responsibilities for industries, branches, organisations and the fatherland front at all levels.

He urged Ha Nam province to continue boosting its production and trade, improve productivity, and enhance the quality and effectiveness of its products to develop competitive brand names.

The province should improve its investment environment, mobilise resources for sustainable development, foster poverty reduction and focus on both urban development and developing new rural areas, he said. Politburo member Anh also asked Ha Nam province to further enhance agricultural development with the application of advanced technologies and the reorganization of production .

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