Police tracking down person who boast of making traffic accident on Facebook

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VietNamNet Bridge – The northern province of Yen Bai’s police are hunting a person with nickname “Keo mut choi boi” who bragged to make a traffic accident that killed a man in Yen Bai.

The facebook page of "keo mut choi boi".
On the evening of November 1, a member nicknamed “Keo mut choi boi” wrote on his Facebook page: “Done, we’ve hit a nearly 60-year-old man… He may die.” On the afternoon of November 2, this member updated his/her status: “Sad news! We extremely regret to announce that the 60-year-old man that we hit last night by our motorbike popped off at 5.07pm. The guy was born in 1953. Let’s buy lottery tickets with that number!”

The online community was immediately rocked up by the case. Many membered quickly verified information about the accident. According to them, two young men on a Honda motorbike hit a walking man on the evening of November 1 in Yen Bai. “Keo mut choi boi” is supposed to be an 18-year-old boy and the victim is Mr. Nguyen Huu Giang, 58. Giang was seriously injured and died at a local hospital.

The cruel attitude of “Keo mut choi boi” made thousands of people angry. They made hundreds of comments on Keo mut choi boi’s facebook page and on online forums. However, this person replied coldly: “That’s up to you. Actually, we met bad luck. We have to pay more than VND20 million ($1,000) of hospital fees and funeral expenditures. It is no problem but we grudged to mess up our work.”

The accident maker’s friends showed their support to him.

Facing fierce protest of the online community, this person deleted his personal Facebook page. However, many people called for the online community to track down the cold-blood person to punish.

On November 5, Yen Bai’s police department said they were tracking down the one with nickname “Keo mut choi boi.”.

Police also said that the accident maker is Doan Hiep, 24, from Bao Thang district, Lao Cai province, who carried another man with him when he made the accident.

A high-ranking police officer from Yen Bai said that he read comments of readers about the case. However, if “Keo mut choi boi” is found out, he did not know how to deal with this case because the Vietnamese law does not cover such acts.

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