Plastics exports to Cambodia keep rising

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Plastics exports to Cambodia keep rising

(VOV) - Vietnam’s exports of plastic products to Cambodia hit US$8 million in March, bringing the total plastics export value in the first three months to more than US$20 million.

According to the Vietnam Plastics Association (VPA), Cambodia is the fifth largest importer of Vietnamese plastic products, after Japan, the US, Germany, and Thailand.

Plastic bags alone generated US$2.9 million in export value, accounting for 40.2 percent of the total.

VPA said as Cambodia is not highly demanding marke businesses do not find it too difficult to promote exports to this country.

Particularly, consumption demand and the construction market in Cambodia are rebounding, thus the use of plastic utensils, tubes and components are forecast to grow significantly in 2012.

Prospects are good for the domestic plastics industry to increase exports to Cambodia because of its favourable geographic position, close trade relations with Vietnam and its low production capacity.

However, the competitive edge of Vietnamese plastics on the market is low due to poor design and low quality. VPA warned that businesses should apply advanced technologies to improve product quality, lower prices, and diversify designs. They should use recyclable materials to protect the environment, make full use of geographic position and follow both countries’ policies.

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