Party chief asks for communication and education improvements

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Party chief asks for communication and education improvements

(VOV) - General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and permanent member of the Secretariat of the Vietnamese Communist Party Le Hong Anh held a working session on February 7 with key cadres from the Central Commission for Communication and Education.

Head of the Commission Dinh The Huynh briefed the two leaders on his agency’s work in 2011 and its orientations for 2012.

Last year, communication and education played an important role in Party building, serving the National Party Congress, and disseminating the Party’s 11 th National Congress Resolution and promulgating its guidance documents.

The Commission completed a lot of work related to ideology, culture, science, and external information, providing timely orientations for the public. It also launched campaigns to correct misunderstandings, reject allegations by hostile forces and protect the Party guide and State polices.

On behalf of the Party Central Committee and Politburo, Party leader Trong praised the commission for its contributions to the country’s achievements.

He said that in the face of global economic slowdown the Party, army and people have demonstrated their determination to implement the Party’s 11 th National Congress Resolution to curb inflation, ensure social security and political stability, while protecting national sovereignty and promoting the country’s external relations.

After analysing the domestic and world situation, General Secretary Trong stressed four important issues to focus on in the future. First, he said, it is necessary to raise awareness of the importance of Party building in terms of politics and of ideological work in the new situation. He highlighted the need to popularize the new contents of the platform for building the country during the transitional period to socialism, as well as new ideas about a socialist-oriented economy and international integration.

The Party chief urged the sector to fully grasp the ideas of cadres, Party members, and the public in order to constantly improve communication and education through all channels.

He underscored the importance of education about political theory to maintain loyalty to the Party, and the importance of expanding dialogues, especially via online media. All this must serve the core mission of economic development and Party building.

General Secretary Trong pointed out that the sector must be more proactive in theoretical work, as well as in criticizing negative practices, dealing strictly with violations, and coordinating activities with the various media.

He spoke about the need to develop human resources for the sector. “The educator also needs educating,” he said, adding that there must be incentives for those working in this field.

Politburo member Le Hong Anh also mentioned a number of specific measures to improve the quality and efficiency of this work in the future.

Mr Anh and other officials agreed that it is essential to fully understand the political thoughts of people, particularly young people, pupils, and students, and improve the sector’s research, forecasting and advisory capacity.

In 2012, the Central Commission for Communication and Education will focus on six major tasks including disseminating Party resolutions; promoting studying and following late President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example; drafting Party resolution on education, training and technology; protecting natural resources and the environment; and stepping up scientific research on Party building./.

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