PM addresses volatile issue of land-use in Haiphong

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PM addresses volatile issue of land-use in Haiphong

After the Prime Minister’s meeting, people in Haiphong crowded about the roads and dykes to show their appreciation for the feeling of being protected from forcible land evacuation.

Vuon’s wife waiting for the meeting's results

One resident, named Nguyen Van Vo, from Chua Tren Hamlet of Vinh Quang Commune, told DTiNews that people have been urgently awaiting for the PM’s decision about the local authorities of Tien Lang, and their forceful reclamation of 40 hectares of land from Doan Van Vuon.

“We're happy with the PM’s conclusion. It is in line with what the people expected in terms of people's rights,” Vo emphasised.

The biggest demand from the people was to bring the issue to light and of clarify the roles of Tien Lang District officials, as well as to dole out punishments, he said, adding that the PM's decision fulfilled this.

Despite their happiness, people are still keeping an eye on the case in order to ensure enforcement, he shared.

Most of people protested against Vinh Quang communal officials and Tien Lang District officials for the demolition of Vuon and Doan Van Quy’s houses and property, then denying all culpability by blaming it on local residents. Now the local people of Vinh Quang are asking for an official apology from Haiphong authorities.

Many people in Tien Lang hope that, when the case is officially resolved, there will be new candidates who can run for official positions who are talented and whose values are moral. There seems to be a strong feeling that this would help the plights of the community.

The PM’s conclusion on the forcible land confistication was conveyed by the chairman of the Government Office Vu Duc Dam, of whose statement was broadcast on live television, saying that, “The municipal authorities of Haiphong are obliged to comply with the law, which allows Vuon to continue to use his land and property legally belonging to him."

Nguyen Thi Thuong said, “We're very happy with the Prime Minister's decision to let us continue to use our land for aquaculture. I’d like to thank him for granting a transparent discussion on the matter, which pointed out the actual violators."

Vu Van Luan, secretary of he Tien Lang Brackish Water Aquaculture Joint Branch, praised the PM’s conclusions, saying that they feel grateful to the Government.

In order to clarify the coercive repossession of Vuon and several others’ land, Lien wanted to directly meet with the PM in the time to come.

The Prime Minister addresses the issue

At a meeting held yesterday afternoon in Hanoi regarding the land scam in Haiphong City, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung confirmed that local authorities were in the wrong for imposing a forced take-over of more than 40 hectares of land that was allocated to Vuon in 1993.

The PM said the country’s land laws and regulations have been amended for several times but still prove certain inadequacies.

Authorities in Tien Lang District, Haiphong, have been accused of committing several wrongdoings in the forcible confistication of Vuon’s land.

“Tien Lang authorities were wrong to claim an additional 19.3 hectares of land from Vuon for aquaculture that was allocated to him in 1997. This isn't permitted under the current land laws and regulations.”

Their decision to revoke Vuon’s land as his land use agreement was expired was inappropriate to the Land Law in 2003 and the Government’s decree to guide the law implementation, the PM noted.

The demolition by the local authorities to Vuon and Doan Van Quy’s houses was illegal, and they must face legal proceedings for suitable penalties, the PM affirmed.

The PM also demanded that police make a thorough investigation into the case which began in January this year in Vinh Quang Commune, Tien Lang District.

The PM added, during the meeting, "It is regrettable to hear that such a thing could occur as a result of the poor management and incompetence of district and commune authorities."

Vu Duc Dam,Chairman of the Government Office, answered questions

People in Tien Lang happy with the results

The Tien Lang land conflict pointed out several land-use issues

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