Overseas Vietnamese’s hearts toward the homeland

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Overseas Vietnamese’s hearts toward the homeland

Holding a photo of overseas Vietnamese joining the summer camp in Ho Chi Minh City, Mai Huong, a Vietnamese-Cambodian, touchingly said that “Although I live abroad, my soul is always towards Vietnam”.

This is the second time Huong has taken part in such a summer camp designed for overseas Vietnamese youth. During the four-day camp, launched on July 19th, Huong and over 40 overseas Vietnamese youths, from around the world, have visited historical relic sites where President Ho Chi Minh had visited, while on his journey to seek ways for national salvation 100 years ago.

Having lived abroad for a long time, Huong could not imagine how many interesting things would await her at each stop. Huong had wonderful experiences and unforgettable memories of the Temple of the Hung Kings, Vietnam Historical Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, a fish-sauce trade village in the coastal Central Region and sand-made paintings created by disabled youths.

For Huong, the most impressive thing was the hospitable and warm welcome by local people. “I feel a joyful and happy homeland where almost all people have warmly received me. It is the reason why I do love staying in Vietnam”, Huong confided.

Having only a little command of the Vietnamese tongue, Thai Duong, a 16-year-old Vietnamese--American, shared that this was the first time he returned to Vietnam to participate in the summer camp. The S-shaped country, in Duong’s heart, was what his relatives and newspapers told him. With his aunt’s recommendation, Duong registered to join the camp that had made his summer meaningful.

Duong felt sympathy when seeing bad effects of Agent Orange on Vietnamese children, and strong will of these ill-fated people in Tu Du Hospital, Hoa Binh Village.

Like Huong and Duong, dozens of the summer camp’s participants felt happy to have such a wonderful time in the homeland and the conclusion of the camp only made them pitiful.

“I will introduce a wonderful Vietnam to my friends in the Czech Republic and I will encourage them to visit Vietnam where local people with open hand will welcome them”, said Thuy Duong.

For Nguyen Phuong, an overseas Vietnamese in Sweden, “I want all friends in the world to know the image of Vietnam via what I have recorded during this journey”.

“Whatever we do, wherever we live, we are members of a family”, stressed Phuong Thuong, from Cambodia. Thuong and other participants promised to keep the most wonderful things of the nation in their hearts and introduce the culture of Vietnam to their living place and to contribute to the building of Vietnam in the future.

Themed “Following President Ho’s Footprints”, this is the sixth time that the Committee for Overseas Vietnamese and Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union have jointly organised such a summer camp.

Participants exchanged their souvenirs and tight hugs before saying goodbye to each other. The love with the homeland of Vietnam has linked them together even though they are living in different places in the world.

Source: Vnexpress

Translated by Mai Huong

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