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(VOV) - Main cause for epidemic spreading is subjective behavior of farmers and local authorities.

An online conference on poultry and cattle disease prevention was held in Hanoi on April 6 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

According to the National Steering Committee for Avian Influenza Control and Prevention, foot-and-mouth disease, blue-ear pig disease and bird flu occurred in many places across the country in the late months of 2010 and first months of 2011. Noteworthy, 39 localities in 63 provinces and cities have reported foot-and-mouth disease.

The main cause for the wide spreading of diseases is the behavior of farmers and local authorities who have not strictly controlled transportation of ill poultry and cattle nor has vaccination been implemented strictly. Changeable weather has also reduced poultry and cattle’s resistance to diseases, causing epidemics to spread widely.

Participants at the conference agreed that foot-and-mouth disease is reducing, however if there is not a strict management measure it will spread in the future.

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