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A young photographer in Ho Chi Minh City has recently drawn public attention with his semi-nude photo collection,“No Boundaries,” featuring 13 local models showing off their curves.

Hoang Yen Top model Hoang Yen Photo: Vic Nguyen

In the black and white pictures, the models, including Hoang Yen, Kim Minh, Thanh Hoai, Minh Trieu, Thuy Duong, Ngoc Oanh and Minh Tu posed with ordinary objects like flowers, candies, hair dryers and water.

Vic Nguyen, the 23-year-old photographer was interviewed by Tuoitrenews and shared with readers what it takes to make his photos.

Could you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?

My real name is Nguyen Quang Minh. I graduated from the Singapore's Raffles Design Institute and started working as a graphic designer. I’m now running my own photo studio.

Did you make “No Boundaries” in order to advertise you studio?

I planned the photos for the benefit of my studio and for the public, as well as to bring the models into the public eye as a thank you for their help.

How did you come up with the idea for the photos?

I wanted to change people’s perspective of women’s sexiness. When you talk about sexy images, people usually think about women wearing underwear in bed, the bathroom or in natural setting…To me, sexy pictures need to be art, impressive and specific. I want people looking at my photos to exclaim “Wow, these women aren’t wearing sexy lingerie or have beautiful curves, they look attractive though!” My semi-nude art photos must be not vulgar, though.

What is the message your photos carry?

In my pictures, I used props which are common in a woman’s daily life, like hair dryers, flowers, lollipops, lights and a special hat made from plastic knifes and forks. Through this, I wanted to say that no matter where they are, no matter what they are doing, women are always the embodiment of beauty and that beauty has “no boundaries”. That’s the main idea behind the photos.

hang Nguyen

Model Hang Nguyen

Did you have any difficulties taking the photos? Was it hard for you to convince the models to take off their clothes?

It wasn’t really difficult, though I was also refused by 2 or3 models. The beauties involved in the collection agreed to be in the photos since they love art, creativity and have the passion to do what they want.

During the shoot, my studio was a bit damaged, since we took pictures with milk, water, paper and pink powder. It all seemed to cover my place.

Are you and your models afraid of criticism over semi-nude photos since there has been a public furor over some nude photo shoots with excuses of protecting the environment?

I don’t know how to express it, but we’re not afraid of that.

What do you think of negative comments about your work?

I’ve never thought that I’m a perfect person and I’m also not really satisfied with what I did. I always listen to and accept everyone’s opinions to make better art . I want to apologize for my mistakes and will try my best in the future.

Have you ever taken any photos like those in “No Boundaries” before?

This is my first sophisticated shoot with multiple models. It took me a month to do and I had to work with 13 models in 13 days.

Could you share a little bit about you further plans?

Please let me keep it secret. I’ll tell everyone after I finish it.

Hoang Thanh VI

Model Hoang Thanh Vi

Kim Minh

Model Kim Minh

Minh Trieu

Model Minh Trieu

Minh Tu

Model Minh Tu

Ngoc Oanh

Model Ngoc Oanh

Ngoc Quyen

Model Ngoc Quyen

Nhu Van

Model Nhu Van

Oanh Di

Model Oanh Di

Thanh Hoai

Model Thanh Hoai

Thuy Duong

Model Thuy Duong

Trang La

Model Trang La

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