Nguyen in top ten of common global surnames

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Nguyen in top ten of common global surnames

Nguyen is the most common family name in Vietnam and one of the most 10 common surnames in the world with more than 36 million people having this surname, says the website

Around 40 percent of Vietnam’s population has this surname and this can also be seen overseas in countries that have large Vietnamese populations. Nguyen is the 7th most common family name in Australia the 54th most common in France and the 57th in the US, according to the US census in 2000. It is also the most commonly used name in Asia.

The list of the world’s most common surnames also includes Li or Lee (with more than 120 million people), Zhang (100 million), Wang (92.88 million), Garcia and Gonzalez (10 million), Hernández (8 million), Smith (4 million), Smirnov (2.5 million) and Müller with more than 1 million people.

Source: VNA/VOV

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