New overpasses fail to clear traffic congestion

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New overpasses fail to clear traffic congestion

Despite two new overpasses opening in Hanoi, traffic congestion has remained just as bad in the surrounding areas.

Traffic congestion has remained just as bad

After four months of construction, the Chua Boc-Thai Ha and Lang Ha-Huynh Thuc Khang overpasses were opened to traffic this morning, April 26.

However the overpasses struggled to cope with the heavy flow of traffic due to the overly narrow slip roads, which led to traffic jams at certain points.

Many traffic users used the wrong lanes and they were unaware that lanes had been designed for different types of vehicle.

Serious traffic congestion was recorded along Chua Boc-Thai Ha-Huynh Thuc Khang Streets during the morning rush hour but the situation improved along Lang Ha and Son Tay Streets.

A traffic policeman admitted that despite the overpasses and improved traffic flow, traffic lights were the major culprit for the problems as their phasing didn’t match the weight of traffic. Appropriate adjustments would be made as soon as possible, he added.

Construction on the two overpasses was started in January 2012. The 249-metre long Chua Boc-Tay Son overpass cost VND65.5 billion (USD3.13 million) while the Lang Ha-Thai Ha overpass was valued at over VND67 billion (USD3.2 million), measuring 189 metres long.

The new overpasses opened for traffic:

Traffic guide busy since early morning

Illegal cycling across the overpass

Thousands of vehicles use the new overpasses
Sudden changes in direction led to traffic congestion

Small slip roads impeded traffic flows
Vehicles over three tonnes are banned
Traffic flows across an overpass

People travelling across Chua Boc-Tay Son overpass

Lang Ha Street

Traffic inspectors busy at work
Slow traffic at some points

Traffic congestion along Chua Boc-Thai Ha-Huynh Thuc Khang Streets

Traffic chaos

Slow traffic lights blamed for traffic congestion

An improved afternoon traffic flow was expected

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