New embankment to save Ca Mau Cape

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Authorities in Ca Mau Province have approved a VND40 billion (US$1.9 million) plan to build an embankment on the East Sea to protect Ca Mau Cape, the country's southernmost point which is facing severe erosion.

The embankment, which will stretch for more than 1 kilometre, is designed to include two rows of concrete poles that run parallel to each other. The space between these two poles, at about 1.5 metres in width, will be filled with stones. This design is said to limit wave erosion while helping mangrove trees to put down roots along the coast line. The mangroves will also act as a protective forest to prevent the area from further erosion.

Ca Mau Province's authorities said the plan, slated to be completed in about three months, was only a temporary solution for minimising erosion. Authorities said they hoped to seek more advice from scientists to come up with a solution that could both sustainably protect the cape from erosion while not creating an eyesore in the area.

Ca Mau Cape is suffering from the affects of climate change, which include a rising sea level. A concrete road that runs along the cape was gradually swept away by the sea a few years ago. A new road built further inland is now also suffering from erosion due to encroaching waters. Some of the hotels and hostels on the road now have sea water lapping at their front steps, making them impossible to enter. —VNS

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