NA Standing Committee 8th session concludes

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NA Standing Committee 8th session concludes

The 13th NA Standing Committee 8th session ( Image: )

During the last day of the 8th session, the NASC discussed and reviewed preparations for the third sitting of the 13th NA, which will open on May 21.

NA Chairman Hung underlined the need to supplement the Government report on practising thrift and combating wastefulness according to the relevant law promulgated in 2005. He also noted that this will be an important issue for the Q&A part of the upcoming NA third session.

The NASC asked for additional Government reports for the next 13th NA session, including those on the enforcement of laws and their socio-economic impact; business activities and solutions to handle difficulties faced by enterprises; currency management; the construction, management and operation of hydroelectric dams; and land use and management in 2011 and the first four months of 2012.

Also during the last day of the session, the Committee adopted a resolution on implementing legal policies for contributors to the revolutionary cause and tabled a project to renew and improve the quality and efficiency of NA operations.

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