Mother to be reunited with long lost family

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Mother to be reunited with long lost family

Thu, homeless for 31 years, has been found by her children.

She was separated from her family in Cai Ut, Lao Cai province, in 1979 when the border war occurred, she drifted away and ended up in Ha Tinh city.

As usual, DTiNews comes to Street 8, Tran Phu Ward, Ha Tinh City at the end of every month in order to meet the elderly lady Thu.

Passing time under a tree

She wears old clothing and is absent-minded sitting underneath a tree. Kind street vendors join next to her.

They were very happy when they saw us. They said after Dan Tri reported her story and with the help of programme “Nhu chua he co cuoc chia ly” (Never ever separate, a humanity programme helps people to find their lost relatives), her children living in the South recognised her even after such a long separation.

Many people shared the feeling of joy when her children found her

“Several days ago, I received a phone call from a stranger who told me that they were Thu's children. After asking me about some identification details, they asked me to check whether or not she has a scar on her head,” said Tran Thi Huong who has happily helped the old woman for years.

“I was so happy that I ran to find her. She has a scar on her head. What she told me about the scar is the same that her children told me. I was sure they were her children. They will come here and take her with them very soon,” added Huong.

Huong shared with us that after knowing about this, people living nearby felt so happy for her. It was a shared joy. Some bought her new clothes; some brought her food and money because she is going to leave soon.

Dan Tri/DTiNews gave her a donation from readers

This good news is not only significant to people living here but also to compassionate donors who have supported her over the past years. All of them wished that she could reunite with her family soon.

Dan Tri/DTiNews also gave her VND500,000 ($27), a donation from readers so that it can help her to cover some daily expenditures before she meets her family.

Thu has been living in Ha Tinh since the day she ran away to avoid bombs in the 1979 war. Now, she can only remember her name and her home town is Cai Ut, Lao Cai. She does not have any personal identification documents.

She does not have anything and is passing days and nights under a tree. Thanks to the help of many kind people at Tran Phu Ward, Ha Tinh, she can survive after facing serious illness.

In December 2008, one person wrote a letter to ask “Nhu chua he co cuoc chia ly” programme to help her find her relatives.

Dan Tri/DTiNews will keep you updated about her reunion.

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