Most of Vietnamese unemployed are young

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Young people aged 15 to 24 account for more than half of the unemployed population in Viet Nam, the national youth employment forum heard this morning.


"The creation of decent job opportunities for all, particularly those 15 to 24 years-old [the global definition for youth], is an important and challenging issue in Viet Nam," said International Labour Organisation (ILO) country director Gyorgy Sziraczki at the even co-organised by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA).

According to the MOLISA and the ILO, every year over one million young people enter the labour market in Viet Nam.

"Many of them struggle to find jobs and maintain employment," said Sziraczki.

If the 25-29-year-olds are added to the group of young workers, the number of young unemployed reaches two-thirds (66.5 per cent), the 2010 Labour Force and Employment Survey indicates.

Young women face more difficulty finding work than their male counterparts as well. The 2010 survey points out that the unemployment rate for female youth in Viet Nam stands at 8.3 per cent, compared to 5.9 per cent for young men.

"Youth unemployment is only the tip of the iceberg," said Matthieu Cognac, ILO regional youth employment specialist. "For those with a job, the quality is often an issue."

According to the ILO, a large proportion of young people toil in unproductive and low-paid work.

Deputy Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, Doan Mau Diep said the Government had done its best to help young people access and stay in the labour market through education and training policies, proactive employment services and job promotion schemes.

However, he admitted that: "There's still a long way ahead [before all young Vietnamese people can have a decent job]".

Also according to the ILO, on the global scale, the youth employment crisis has reached an unprecedented level. In the world, young people are three times more likely than adults to be out of job, and four out of ten people unemployed worldwide are young people.--VNS

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