Most enjoyable tourist sites in VN

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Most enjoyable tourist sites in VN

VGP - If you want to welcome the first beams of sunrise sneaked over the horizon or tan yourself under the most scorching land in Vietnam, why don’t you come and explore the following destinations:

Mũi Điện is a place to see the first sunlight in Việt Nam

Place that greets the first beams of sunrise

Mũi Điện in Phước Tân hamlet, Hòa Tâm commune, Đông Hòa district, central Phú Yên province is considered to a place where you herald the first rays of sunlight in Việt Nam.

You can indulge in fresh sunlight anywhere in this place and the most preferred position is on the top of the Mũi Điện light house.

Experiencing scorching heat in Cửa Rào

Nestled 60 km from Phù Mát forest and in Lam River’s intersection, Cửa Rào in Xá Lượng commune, Tương Dương district, central Nghệ An province, has never had a daytime of below 37 degree C temperature after 9am. While northerners struggle against the chilliness during the winter, local people in Cửa Rào battle against the scorching heat of the sun. But in the evening, they need blankets and coats to keep them warm.

Sandy hill “changes clothes”

Affected by seasonal winds, sandy hills in Mũi Né in Phan Thiết city, southern Bình Thuận province have their appearance changed every night and even after a strong wind.

The longest sea overpass

Longest sea overpass

Started in November 2002, construction of Thị Nại bridge was completed in December 2006. The 7km long bridge linking Quy Nhơn city with Phương Mai archipelago is the longest sea overpass in Việt Nam.

85m-long communal house

Built in 2002, the communal house in Giang Lánh hamlet, Krông Na commune, Buôn Đôn district, central highlands Đắk Lắk province is 85m long and 6m wide, representing the longest house in Việt Nam. To spend a night in the house, which has thatch roofs and bamboo walls, you are given a pillow and a small mattress to lie down in a shared big room because the house has no private room.

Church possesses the biggest bell

The Notre Dame church in Hồ Chí Minh city

Located in No1 Công Xã Paris, the Sài Gòn Notre Dame is best known for its magnificent and old chancel built with materials imported from France.

The 29 ton bell set, comprising of 6 bells was cast in France.

The biggest statue of Jesus

The biggest statue of Jesus

Though built with concrete, the statue looks natural and lively. Construction of the statue was completed in 1995 in the Tao Phùng Mount in Vũng Tàu city. It is the biggest statue of Jesus in Việt Nam, with 32m in height and 18.4m in width and is placed on a 4m high concrete stand carved with images of the last feast of Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples.

Inside the statue, there is a spiral staircase of 133 steps, leading visitors to the door to the future. Jesus’ shoulders are designed as balconies for tourists to view the surrounding landscapes.

By Ngọc Vân

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