Mekong River reveals huge bounty

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Mekong River reveals huge bounty

The lower reach of the Mekong River has proved fertile waters for an array of giant fish, some of which weigh up to 500 kilos.

Giant catfish

The largest specimen recently caught was a world-record breaking five-metre long, 60 year-old oil catfish weighing up to 500 kilos. It is the biggest freshwater fish species in the world.

A five metre long, 100 kilo skate has also awed Mekong River fishermen.

However, the giant Thai carp is recognised as the king of the river. The giant Thai is the biggest carp species in the world. The Mekong River regularly proves home to 60 to 70 kilo specimens. However, Thai carp have been known to reach two metres in length, weighing in at a huge 300 kilos.

Giant Thai carp

Giant mudfish

Skate in the Mekong River

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