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A steering committee on settlement of Vietnamese workers in the Middle East and North Africa held its first meeting in Hanoi on Feb. 26 discussing ways to bring the workers safely out of unrest-stricken Libya.

Prior to the meeting, which was chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Pham Gia Khiem, related ministries, sectors and branches held urgent meetings to seek the best possible measures to ensure safety for Vietnamese workers in Libya when the riot broke out.

According to Minister of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, Vietnamese related ministries, sectors and branches have been coordinating with their partners in Libya to evacuate nearly 5,000 Vietnamese workers to Libya ’s neighbouring countries, including Egypt , Turkey , Malta , Greece and Tunisia .

Preliminary statistics provided that more than 1,000 Vietnamese workers are currently in Turkey and 750 others in Egypt, who were received and helped to undergo necessary procedures for safe return trips with help from Vietnamese representative offices posted in these countries.

The first 179 Vietnamese workers landed Vietnam early on Feb. 26 and 450 others are expected to take on a flight to go home from Greece the same day.

In Egypt , 337 workers already brought air tickets while 400 others working for the Hyundai Company are going through necessary procedures for returning home.

A representative from the Foreign Ministry said Vietnamese Embassies and representative offices in Libya and its neighbouring countries are focusing on handling the issue of Vietnamese workers in Libya and updating the situation with the Ministry frequently.

Dealing with the fact that almost all Vietnamese labourers in Libya lost their personal documents, the Foreign Ministry instructed embassies to grant them travel permits instead to facilitate their return.

Some of Libya ’s neighbouring countries pledged to make these Vietnamese workers’ transit convenient.

At the meeting, the steering committee’s members agreed on the establishment of a centre to manage the settlement of Vietnamese workers in Tunisia under the leadership of a deputy foreign minister.

They also agreed to dispatch five inter-branch working teams to Greece, Malta, Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia to aid Vietnamese representative offices and embassies there in helping Vietnamese workers travel in a safely manner./.

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