Media, communication protect human rights

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Media, communication protect human rights

At the seminar. (Image: VNA)

The Deputy Minister was speaking at a workshop co-organised by the Authority of Foreign Information Service under the Ministry of Information and Communications and the World Bank (WB) in Hanoi February 23.

The workshop, entitled ‘Media, Communication and Human Rights’, aimed to create opportunities for press agencies in Vietnam and other countries to exchange information and experience in the field of human rights, and encourage the media to actively participate in the protection and promotion of human rights in Vietnam.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Minister Doan affirmed that the Vietnamese Party and State have always considered human rights both the objective and motivation for all socio-economic development policies. Therefore, protecting and promoting human rights are the responsibility of all agencies, sectors and localities. Mass media has made significant contributions to bringing human rights to the forefront in the country, he added.

In recent years, media agencies have actively promoted Vietnam's achievements in human rights implementation and protection. The country is now involved in United Nations conventions on human rights, eliminating discrimination on the basis of race and gender, and fighting against child prostitution and pornography and the exploitation of women and children in labour.

The WB’s expert, Dr. James Anderson, praised the contribution of Vietnamese media in protecting the legitimate interests of people, combating corruption, and criticising violations of laws and citizens’ rights and interests. He added that the media has also made accurate and timely exposure of misconduct in promptly handling wrongdoings.

Participants at the seminar agreed on the need to strengthen the accessibility of information for journalists and all people. This not only ensures full implementation of human rights but also contributes significantly to the socio-economic development of each country.

Attendees also discussed measures to help the media promote and encourage respect for human rights in the community.

They suggested improving the effectiveness of law popularisation, encouraging remarkable achievements in the implementation of human rights, detecting any violations of people’s legitimate rights and interests in a timely manner, and raising awareness on human rights for people, journalists, and authorities at all levels.

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