Massive tumor girl hospitalized in HCMC

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Massive tumor girl hospitalized in HCMC

For years, little girl Nguyen Thi Loan living in Tan Ha district in the central highlands province of Lam Dong has been suffering agonizing pains due to a massive tumor on her left leg.

be gai Loan develops a massive tumor on her left leg. Photo: Tuoi Tre

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Nguyen Cong Duc, 35, Loan’s farther, said Loan was born with an abnormal leg 8 years ago.

About 20 days after Nguyen Thi Tam, Loan’s mother, gave birth to her, the family brought Loan to Pediatrics Hospital No. 1 based in Ho Chi Minh City where she was diagnosed with innate hemangioma, an abnormal buildup of blood vessels, but doctors claimed it was inoperable.

Since Loan was 3, the tumor has grown larger and larger. The girl has also sufferred some bleeding from small growths on the leg.

The mother said whenever the weather changes, her daughter cannot sleep and needs some type of painkillers to relieve her chronic pain caused by the tumor.

Dr. Le Quy Son, head of the surgical department of Lam Dong General Hospital, said Loan also develops another tumor on her anus that needs to be removed.

However, he added the hospital is not able to diagnose or treat her condition with its available medical facilities.

be gai

A massive tumor on Loan's left leg makes it difficult for her to move over the past several years.

Yesterday (April 9), Loan was hospitalized at the Ho Chi Minh City-based Pediatrics Hospital No. 2 where she was initially diagnosed of having congenital tissue producing disorder on her left leg and hip.

The disorder has spread to her back and genital organ.

Loan is expected to undergo comprehensive diagnosis on April 11 at the hospital following medical imaging technique MRI and biochemical and genetic tests.

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