Maple Bear Kindergarten passes the buck to MOH

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Maple Bear Kindergarten passes the buck to MOH

VietNamNet Bridge – It’s now the Ministry of Health (MOH) which has been involved in the Maple Bear kindergarten’s case of providing dirty food like mash to its students. No one has claimed the responsibility for the dirty food.

Paying sky high tuitions, international nursery school pupils eat terribly dirty food

Maple Bear admits mistake…

The Board of Management of CitiSmart Company Ltd, the investor of Maple Bear kindergarten system, has admitted its mistake in the case and apologized to the parents. The school did not supervise the quality of the food provided by the catering company to students.

The school has informed that it terminated the catering contract with Com Viet Company. Currently, Hanoi Hotel, a four star international hotel, is temporarily providing meals to the students.

The company has also employed a foreign cook with 16-year experiences, who would supervise the cooking, processing, preserving and packing meals to ensure the best quality of the food to be provided to students.

Thomas Chan, General Director of City Smart Company Ltd, told the parents that the board of management of the company has been doing some works to have better food provision service.

Firstly, the school has signed a contract on providing meals to the students with Aden Services Vietnam, a prestigious multi-national company.

Secondly, the school has decided to build up the Food Safety Book to be applied to all the schools of Maple Bear’s system.

Besides this, the school has decided to appoint other people for the posts of headmaster and deputy headmaster of the school. A new headmaster with 9-year experiences in education management in Canada would take his office at Maple Bear from August 2012.

Also, parents would have the chance to get advices from pediatricians and dietitians about child healthcare and nutrition. The school would also arrange free health examination for the students who have signs of falling sick or suffering malnutrition in the last six months.

A parents’ association would be set up which would have regular meeting with the school to discuss the cooperation to manage students and ensure the quality of the school’s services.

Mr Thomas Chan has also promised to double the expenses on every meal from the current 48,400 dong level.

…but passes the buck to MOH

A parent, whose child goes to a branch of the school on Ba Trieu Street, said on VTC recently that a teacher of the school told her that the people who deliver meals to students are from Com Viet Company.

The students are now provided lunches only, while the teachers of the schools themselves go buying food for breakfasts and dinners. However, the food is sometimes not enough for students.

The teacher said the students sometimes have to have meals very late. Every child can have a small cake and some pieces of fruits only. The teachers themselves think that every child needs three such cases to get full. Meanwhile, teachers have to eat the remains left by children.

On May 25, all the teachers at the Ba Trieu branch expressed their protest to the school’s board of management by refusing the remains and going buying food for themselves.

When asked about this, Mr Thomas Chan said that the menus have always been informed to parents and students. However, in the immediate time, when the school changes the catering provider, the menus for both students and teachers are nearly the same.

Maple Bear’s General Director met Dr Brian McNaull and Dr Cynthia Dacanay from Family Medical Practice in Hanoi to consult with them about the possible impacts of the unsafe food on children and about the measures to prevent problems.

The director has reassured the parents that the experts do not think it’s necessary to have all the children examined. The unhygienic food would not cause long term consequences. The bacteria penetrating into bodies would be eliminated within 3-5 days.

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