Man with 90 kg tumor awaits another chance

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Man with 90 kg tumor awaits another chance

Nguyen Duy Hai’s only wish now is to get the 90-kilogram tumor on his right leg removed as soon as possible.

tumor Nguyen Duy Hai (L) and American surgeon McKay McKinnon at HCMC Oncology Hospital on Thursday November 17 Photo: Truc Quynh

The 31-year-old man from Da Lat (Lam Dong) told Tuoitrenews that he is now staying in a rented house in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 2, waiting for a final decision from FV Hospital and Cho Ray Hospital to admit him and perform the surgery.

American doctor McKay McKinnon, who is known worldwide for successfully treating similar tumor cases, has been instrumental in using his personal contacts with these hospitals to give Hai another chance.

McKinnon was expected to lead a Vietnamese- American surgeon team with doctors from the Ho Chi Minh Oncology Hospital to carry out the operation for Hai on November 18.

However, the procedure was cancelled after the hospital discovered that Hai had a pleural effusion, which is a buildup of fluid around the lungs, further weakening his health condition and making it too dangerous to perform the surgery.

Le Hoang Minh, head of the Oncology hospital, said the effusion would complicate procedures and likely kill Hai during the operation. He added that the hospital’s staff would be willing to contribute to a future operation if another hospital decides to take Hai in.

“I am praying everyday now that a hospital will agree to take me in and cooperate with Mr. McKinnon to perform the surgery for me,” Hai said.

He left the Oncology Hospital on December 2, and has been staying in District 2 with his mother ever since.

In an earlier interview with Tuoitrenews, Dr. McKinnon said that there was little time left for Hai, and that his body could hardly withstand the growth of the tumor for another year, while adding that an operation is the only hope for Hai and his family.

He also added that the initial pulmonary function test that revealed Hai’s pleural effusion was not exact, and that the chance of success for the surgery could be as high as 50 percent if it were carried out.

Funding is another problem for the patient and his family, who have been struggling for years with the illness, as a surgery of this scale will cost tens of thousands of USD, a source close to one of the hospitals said.

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