Man indicted for anti-state plots

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Man indicted for anti-state plots

Prosecutors at Ministry of Public Security have indicted Vo Viet Dzien and put him in custody for four months over charges of plotting to overthrow the People’s State as prescribed in Article 79 of the Criminal Code.

equipment Police seize some equipment meant for Dzien used for jamming radio frequencies on the upcoming South Vietnam's Liberation Day April 30. Photo: Ministry of Public Security

According to investigators, Dzien had a relationship with Nhat Thang of “Phuc Hung Viet Nam” (Vietnam restoration) organization, a reactionary force based in the United States.

From March 26 to 30, Dzien went to Thailand to meet members of the organization.

At the time, he attended some training courses to jam radio frequencies, broadcast anti-state messages, cause unrest in Chinese communities in Vietnam, and distribute anti-state leaflets on the upcoming April 30 (South Vietnam’s liberation day and National Unity) with the aims of overthrowing the People's State.

In April 2012, Dzien admitted his guilt and begged for leniency from the government.

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