Man in mobile police uniform drives motorbike by feet

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Man in mobile police uniform drives motorbike by feet

VietNamNet Bridge – The Hanoi mobile police regiment is investigating whether a young man, who wore uniform of the mobile police force, drove a motorbike by his feet in a picture on the Internet is a mobile police officer or not.

In a picture that was uploaded to the internet several days ago, two young men in the uniform of mobile police force drove a motorbike on the street by feet.

The driver looked tall and thin. He dropped two hands from the handlebars; put his legs near the throttle grip to drive the bike.

The man who sat behind held a club and was smiling.

The photo was taken at night and it is said that the picture was shot in Hanoi.

Colonel Pham Van Hung, head of the Hanoi mobile police regimen said that seeing the uniform, it is highly possible that these men are mobile police officers. However, the picture quality is not good so it is difficult whether they are members of the Hanoi mobile police regimen or not.

Mr. Hung said that his regimen is investigating the case. Anyone who knows about the men in the picture should call the regimen at 043.9396399, he said.

According to the current rules, drivers who drop their both hands from handlebars will be fined VND7-8 million ($350-400).

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