LuxFashion zips up flash future with plant’s opening

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LuxFashion zips up flash future with plant’s opening

As the LuxFashion garment production facility, one of the biggest of its kind in South East Asia, last week entered service in northern Ninh Binh province, Ahmed El Fehdi deputy chairman of Lifepro Vietnam Joint Venture Company - the developer, sheds new light on the new facility.

What was at the core of Lifepro Vietnam’s development strategy when it decided to set up shop in Vietnam?

From the onset, we wanted a development strategy that horizontally and vertically meets our company business targets. We look to meet diverse development needs and look forward to promoting on-site material production.

This helps end a reliance on import sources, while saving time and costs. I believe Vietnam will get back on the development track and take off as it has been seen with other emerging markets.
We have procured orders for making specialised protective uniform sets for US firemen and security units as well as other sorts of technical uniforms.

Will Lifepro Vietnam target a medium-range product segment?

The market is inundated with basic garment lines in many countries like India, China or Bangladesh. We will focus on upper-class products.

Why has Lifepro Vietnam chosen Vietnam, but not other countries with similar conditions?

Vietnam and China were carefully studied before we headed to Vietnam. We saw Vietnam as having great potential for development, whereas China faces saturation point and faces problems such as rising labour costs.

Lifepro Vietnam is known as a leading textile-garment business in Vietnam with a complete and integrated production process. Can you expand on this?

From A to Z stages in knitwear production means firms engaging in the whole process from producing materials to end-products. The same is with our on-site material and accessories production plan.

In the long haul, we will not import materials and accessories from China or Europe, but plan for self production. This will allow us to take initiative in production and facilitate our plan to sell in the domestic market in the not too distant future.

Is it risky for Lifepro Vietnam to enter such a big project, when textile and garment firms globally face difficulties?

Not all. Products incur delays or retreat during an economic recession. A crisis forces firms to reorient business operations. Success will come to smarter ones.

What is Lifepro Vietnam’s slogan?

Our slogan is ‘Made to be always with you’. My own principle is always striving for optimal work efficiency, listening to labourers’ needs and taking every chance to our better knowledge.

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