Low-quality electronics at border area markets are defects from China?

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Low-quality electronics at border area markets are defects from China?

VietNamNet Bridge – Error products have slipped out from the factories in China and then reproduced into low-cost products to be sold dirt cheap at the border area markets, or even in big cities in Vietnam.

There are many reasons that explain why Chinese products have such surprisingly low prices

Blogger Tri Vu, who claims to have much experience in working with foreign partners and Chinese companies, said that China is the electronics production base of the world. Big electronics manufacturers do the R&D and design in their countries, and then have the designs produced in large quantities in China. The country’s big production lines allow making products at very low costs.

In the production process, in principle, the products which do not meet the quality requirements must be abolished. However, the products are sold to small producers, who then resell them on the domestic market or outside markets. The problem is that the factories, which provide materials and accessories, can sell any defects into the market. Then small producers collect them and turn them into finished products. And of courses, the buyers and users of the products soon understand that they have purchased low quality goods.

The Chinese technology of “counterfeiting” proves to be so perfect that the products look beautiful and attractive, which easily persuades consumers to spend money.

Agreeing with Vu, Nguyen Van Quyen, an information technology officer said that there are many categories of Chinese goods. The goods manufactured by central factories regularly have high quality, and therefore, they are really expensive. The second type are the products made in localities, which always have low quality and, of course, low prices. The biggest advantages of the products are that they have diversified designs and low prices. This explains why many consumers are ready to buy these goods without thinking carefully. Since the products are cheap, they have been evading Vietnam’s border area markets, and flowing to big cities in Vietnam.

Tri Vu has advised consumers to keep cautious when purchasing super-cheap products. Too bright Led lamp in children’s toys may harm children’s eyes, while high-intensity radio-control cars may harm children’s brain.

The sounds from toys which cannot be controlled and which contain parasitic noise and high frequency sounds can cause tinnitus to children and affect their behavior. Meanwhile, low cost mobile phones with many functions, such asallowing owners to watch TVs or listen to radio, are not subject to any examination procedures. The overly high receiving and transmission capacity may jam transmission to other equipments and have bad long term effects on users.

The problem is that the majority of Vietnamese people are still poor and they can easily be persuaded by the low prices. They do not understand the bad effects of the low quality products

Nguyen Van Thuyen from the Hanoi University of Technology said that local Chinese goods always look attractive thanks to the diversified designs. However, careful examination shows their, people can absolutely discver low quality, visible even to the naked eyes. The low quality products are colorful but the words on the products are blur due to the bad printing technique.

Consumers have been advised to keep away from electronics if they go to Lang Son province. Sellers have many tricks to cheat customers, by making the electronics work when they are tested. But when used at home, they get damagedquickly.

Mobile phones, music players, USB or high-technologies also look very attractive. However, these products have been made of accessories and parts which had not met the quality standards. Even IT experts sometimes find it difficult to tell if the products are good or not, let alone normal people.

Chung, the owner of a mobile phone shop at No. 356 Tay Son street also said that Chinese electronics enticed people with their good appearances. However, in fact, the products are made of subquality accessories. “If you are not an experienced user, you would be better not to buy Chinese goods,” he said.

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