Lotus honored as National Flower

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Lotus honored as National Flower

VietNamNet Bridge - A lotus festival was held in Hanoi on January 29 to honour the beauty and meaning of lotus, which currently tops the voting list announced by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Many people suggest the lotus as Vietnam’s national flower

The organising board said that more than 81 percent of 35,000 voters have chosen lotus as national flower.

Deputy Minister Le Tien Tho said that flowers to be selected must have Vietnamese origin and have been grown in most parts of the country for a long time to embody both cultural identity and national spirit. They must have pleasant fragrance and have been mentioned in many literature, cultural and architectural works.

There are 13 criteria set for the national flower. The five most important standards consist of: being sourced from Vietnam or grown in Vietnam for a very long time; being adaptable to Vietnamese weather and grown everywhere in the country; blossoming the year round or a long time in a year; showing the culture and traditional, will, manner and aspiration of Vietnamese people; and being beautiful and fragrant.


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