‘Lollipop’ admits to mocking death on Facebook

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‘Lollipop’ admits to mocking death on Facebook

20-year-old Nguyen Van Linh Thursday admitted to having written cruel messages joking about a vehicular death on Facebook after he and his friend hit and killed a man in the northern province of Yen Bai.

facebook The controversial Facebook post Photo: Vietnamnet

He wrote “Sad news! We are really sorry to inform that the dude we had crashed kicked the bucket last night at 17h07. The guy was born in 1953” under the Facebook alias of Keo mut choi boi (playboy lollipop).

Linh told police Friday that he went from Hanoi to Yen Bai to meet his cousin Doan Dinh Hiep (24) on November 1.

At 8pm that day, Nguyen Huu Giang (58), who was a security guard at a local credit agency, was walking home when he suddenly heard a loud bark. He then jumped into the street when he got hit by an Airblade bike driven by Hiep with Linh sitting in the back.

Both Hiep and Giang were injured in the accident. However, Giang’s situation was more serious and the pedestrian died a day after.

Later Linh, using nickname of Keo mut choi boi (playboy lollipop), wrote on Facebook about the past accident in sarcastic tones.

Many Facebook users then formed groups and vowed to track down Keo mut choi boi. They went and waited in places like the gym and the college where he was believed to frequent.

Receiving overwhelming negative comments against him, Linh later deleted and closed his page under the anger of the Facebook community and turned off his cell phone.

After Giang’s funeral on November 3, Linh’s uncle took him to a station so he could catch a bus to his home in Lao Cai province.

But he instead went to Hanoi, where he goes to college.

On learning he was being hunted, he quickly left his rented room in Cau Giay district and went to stay in with a friend in Tu Liem district.

Only when Yen Bai police invited Linh’s family in Lao Cai province to a questioning at the station did they know about the incident.

On November 10, Linh’s father took him to the police station and later visited and apologized to Giang’s family.

Luu Van Ky, head of Yen Bai police told Tuoi Tre that after investigation, Giang [the perished pedestrian] was found to be at fault and thus Hiep is not to be prosecuted.

As for the lollipop Linh, police say they will inform his school and local authorities to deep a strict check on him since there is yet any regulation to tackle such heartless Facebook posts.

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