Local parody of “Someone Like You” makes sensation

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Local parody of “Someone Like You” makes sensation

A recent version of Grammy-winning singer Adele’s hit, “Someone Like You,” by a group of Vietnamese students has become a sensation among the local Internet community due to its funny content.

ai do giong anh A scene from the music video "Ai Do Giong Anh," a Vietnamese parody version of Adele's "Someone Like You"

Titled “Ai Do Giong Anh,” the music video makes a parody of the original song by literally translating the lyrics into Vietnamese, and like in Adele’s video, has the broken-hearted female singer walk along a bridge after hearing about her ex-boyfriend’s marriage. But at the end of the Vietnamese clip, the female character turned out to be a man in disguise.

“A good laugh, so hilarious. Adele might laugh herself to death listening to this song,” a Youtube user nicknamed ThaiKhangMissoula commented.

Some of Adele’s fans, however, said “Ai Do Giong Anh” is a bad cover of their idol’s song and it’s also not funny at all.

In response, the music video’s creators said they made the clip just for fun.

“We just wanted to make things in a funny way. It’s not imperative to make a sad cover of a sad song or a funny cover of a funny song.”

Their differences in opinions notwithstanding, “Ai Do Giong Anh” has been widely shared on social networks and received more than 100,000 views with over 2,000 likes from Vietnamese Youtube users after only 3 days.

Written by Adele and Dan Wilson for her second studio album titled “21,” "Someone like You" topped the United Kingdom Single Chart after a well-received performance at the 2011 BRIT Awards last February, and stayed on the top of the chart for five weeks. It also topped the charts in Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, France, Switzerland and America.

"Ai Do Giong Anh"

"Someone Like You"

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