Life in new urban buildings or in country side?

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Life in new urban buildings or in country side?

VietNamNet Bridge - One can see raised chicken, hanged clothes, cooking by beehive stove, and etc. in shared corridor of many urban buildings. This is a common picture in villages but currently happens in the cities.

Living in new urban buildings, nevertheless, many residents still keep their self-centeredness and “countryside” habits.

For every 1st and 15th day of lunar months, many ladies in a building in Tu Liem district (Hanoi) burn currency notes for the dead on the corridor or balcony. The ash from burning stuff flies everywhere, even into other households’ apartments.

Many other ladies make the most of corridor space for cooking by beehive stove. The smell from the honeycomb charcoal has made other residents, especially children, unbearable.

One day in another building in My Dinh (Hanoi), the public garbage bin suddenly caught fire because a lady on the fifth floor threw burning honeycomb charcoal into it. Many households also have to suffer waste and sewage water from other households on higher floors.

Dog poop is another problem in some buildings. Many residents daily take dogs out without cleaning dogs’ mess left at green areas or roads of the neighborhood. Chicken is raised on corridor too.

Not only that. Many home matters are overheard and gossiped by residents. And many residents don’t respect the privacy and quiet of their neighbors by fighting or quarreling with or blaming on their family members, annoying their neighbors.


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