Level 6 aftershock in Vietnam triggers mass panic

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Level 6 aftershock in Vietnam triggers mass panic

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>> 7.0 magnitude quake hits near Thailand, tremors felt in Hanoi

The aftershock of the recent earthquake on the border of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand made many people in Hanoi panic and rush out of their residence.

High buildings especially frightening during shake

The quake reached 7 on the Richter scale and its aftershock was felt in Hanoi at around 20.55, March 24, and was measured at a level five, said Dr. Le Huy Minh, Deputy director of the Golbal Physics Institute.

The incident caused some panic, no human or property damages were reported, even though in some northern provinces the shake reached level 6.

Anh Tuyet, a citizen on 22th floor of the CT1 building in Xa La residential area said she felt the aftershock while she was making herself up in the mirror. Other members of her family also noticed the shaking.

A woman of the same area said, “At that time, I felt as if I were on an aircraft as everything seemed to be wheeling.”

After feeling the aftershock, people started running downstairs. The entire area was loud with cries of surprise and shock.

Kim Dung who lives in Linh Dam residential area said, “I live on the first floor but noticed the aftershock when my bags started swinging on the wall. My relatives in northern Dien Bien said that they had the same experience two times, each making them run from their house.”

Dao Thi Dat, from Trung Yen 1 apartment block said she saw her family’s wall clock swaying. “At first, I felt dizzy and thought I had a health problem. Those worries were alleviated when my neighbours told me about the aftershock,” Yen said.

Hundreds of people tried to get out of the building by the stairs while carrying their valuables. Children were hurried down first, she added.

“Being 73 years old, I found it hard to get down the stairs, getting elbowed from every angle. I thought I might die.”

People in Nam Trung Yen residential area, Dich Vong, Cau Giay, Ngoc Khanh, Tay Ho, Chua Boc, Thai Thinh, Phap Van, Nga Tu So, Van Quan - Ha Dong, Thuy Khue, Linh Nam experienced panic due to the aftershock, according to readers of Dantri/DTiNews.

Right after the quake, members of Otofun.net and VOZForum collected updated information about the incident and received confirmations from people all over the north.

At 20:55 March 24, BMC building, the tallest in central Ha Tinh province, also swayed, causing considerable panic there as well.

At present, everything is alright and people have returned to their normal routine.

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