Lao Cai a gateway to rich prosperity

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Lao Cai a gateway to rich prosperity

Northern mountainous Lao Cai province is seeking nearly $14 million for 13 agro-forestry-fishery projects.

“Lao Cai pledges to create favourable conditions for all investors arriving here to prosper,” said Lao Cai Provincial People’s Committee chairman Nguyen Van Vinh.

The province is bestowed with much potential for agricultural, forestry and fishery development when it is home to Hoang Lien mountain with 3,143-metre-high Phan Xi Pang peak, a plentiful ecosystem that accounts for 50 per cent of valuable flora in Vietnam along with favourable climate conditions and soils. Furthermore, production of medicines, cold-water fish, temperate fruit trees, vegetables and flowers has been set up in the province, he stressed.

Under the province’s socio-economic development orientation until 2020, Lao Cai will expand production scale of high economic value trees in Bao Thang, Muong Khuong, Bac Ha, Bat Xat and Sa Pa districts.

The province will also grow safe vegetables and flowers in districts of Sa Pa, Bac Ha and Lao Cai, while planting tobaccos in Muong Khuong, Si Ma Cai and Bat Xat districts. In addition, the locality will develop special aquatic products such as salmons and sturgeons in Sa Pa, Bat Xat and Van Ban districts.

During 2011-2015, Lao Cai targets to obtain agro-forestry-fishery growth of 6.5 per cent on average. The local total food output is aimed to reach 245,000 tonnes during the period, up 7.5 per cent against 2010, while the yield will be VND38 million ($1,835) per hectare per year, a rise of 9.4 per cent against 2010.

In order to reach the goals, the province is planning to build a rice processing plant in high-quality Seng Cu paddy area of Muong Khuong district, a maize processing and preserving plant at maize production area in Muong Khuong, Bac Ha and Si Ma Cai, O.Loong tea processing plant at bud tea material area in Bao Thang, Muong Khuong, Bao Yen, Bac Ha and Bat Xat and a tobacco processing plant at tobacco material area in Muong Khuong, Si Ma Cai, Bat Xat and Bac Ha.
Lao Cai will also develop a plant to process bananas grown in Muong Khuong, Bao Thang and Bat Xat, and pineapples harvested in Muong Khuong, a pork processing plant at pig and poultry breeding area in Bao Thang and Bao Yen, a beef and buffalo meat processing establishment at buffalo and cow breeding area in Bao Yen and Van Ban districts.

Besides, the province will develop a cold-water salmon and sturgeon processing facility at integrated salmon and sturgeon breeding area in Sa Pa, Bat Xat and Van Ban districts.
In the field of forestry, the locality will grow forests and build a timber processing factory. The total area set aside for forestry sector will occupy 417,934 hectares, accounting for 65.64 per cent of the province’s land.

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