Korean stars help bring Korean goods to Vietnam

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Korean stars help bring Korean goods to Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge – There has been no survey which measures the influences of the South Korean stars on the movement of using South Korean goods in Vietnam. However, it’s clear that Korean stars have helped Korean goods easily penetrate the Vietnamese market.

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In order to advertise for the new Galaxy Y model, Samsung launched an imposing marketing campaign. The South Korean boyband, which has been favored by the youths, was invited to participate in the SoundFest 2012 music night as the ambassador of the Y-series mobile phones (Young).

It remains unclear how many Galaxy Ys Samsung would sell after the campaign, but it’s obvious that the ticket for the SounFest night in mid-April is very expensive.

Some days ago, Bi Rain, a South Korean star singer, together with Super Junior, Davichi, Secret, CN Blue, BEAST, Sistar were warmly welcomed in Vietnam when they attended the concert week organized on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Vietnam-Republic of Korea diplomatic relation. The image of Bi Rain in the army uniform and the performances of South Korean stars were the hot topic on local newspapers for the last one month long.

In fact, Vietnamese youths many times met South Korean stars before. However, many of them still burst out crying because they could not obtain tickets to the meetings with the stars.

Not only South Korean artists, but South Korean goods have also flocked to Vietnam, following the stars.

Sung Dong Il, a South Korean actor, who once came to Vietnam 20 years ago, told to the local press that he could see too many changes this time when he returned to Vietnam for the second time. 20 years ago, there was no direct air route to Vietnam. Meanwhile, he was answering questions when sitting inside a building in Vietnam developed by a South Korean investor.

The wave of South Korean films has, as economists say, has paved the way for South Korean goods to flock to Vietnam. The economists now talk much about the wave of using South Korean goods by Vietnamese consumers. The sales of South Korean goods are always very high, even in the crisis period.

In 2008, Vietnam exported 1.78 billion dollars worth of products to South Korea, while it imported much higher – 8.05 billion dollars. The figures were 4.71 billion and 13.17 billion dollars in 2011, respectively.

In the car market, three South Korean brands alone, including Kia, Hyundai and Daewoo, now hold nearly 35 percent of the market share. They have been in no way inferior to the big guys from Japan such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Isuzu or Suzuki.

In the high technology products and electronics market, Samsung and LG alone are holding more than 35 percent of the market share, acting as the redoubtable rivals to Japanese Sony, Panasonic, Sanyo, Toshiba and Fujitsu, the brands which have been familiar to Vietnamese people for a long time.

Other products have been reaching out to the every corner of the market, including clothes, ginseng and cosmetics.

Vietnamese economists, who many years ago warned about the landing of Chinese goods, now give warning about the trade deficit with South Korea.

In 2009, Vietnam and the Republic of Korea signed the strategic partnership relation agreement which aimed to increase the two way trade turnover by two folds to 20 billion dollars by 2015. However, the total trade turnover had reached 18 billion dollars already by 2011.

It’s clear that the admiration of Vietnamese young people to South Korean singers and the love of Vietnamese housewives to South Korean television films – the main Vietnamese consumers - both have made it easier for South Korean goods to penetrate the Vietnamese market.

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