Key tasks for realizing socio-economic development strategy

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The Hanoitimes - The Government has announced an Action Plan figuring out 15 key tasks for realizing the 2011-2020 socio-economic development strategy. The following is the snap-shot of these tasks.

The Hanoitimes - The Government has announced an Action Plan figuring out 15 key tasks for realizing the 2011-2020 socio-economic development strategy. The following is the snap-shot of these tasks.

1. Perfecting the institution of socialist-oriented market economy; creating an equal competition environment; accelerating administrative reform; improving legal documents and policies on ownership, land management and use, natural resources, water, and management of public property.

The Government sets to carry out the project on restructuring the State-owned enterprises (SOEs), focusing on economic groups, to work out roadmap for adjusting prices of certain essential commodities in line with market rules.

2. Quickly improving the quality of human resources, particularly high-qualified workforce, focusing on renovating comprehensively education system to serve Vietnam ’s industrialization and modernization cause and international integration.

3. Developing synchronous infrastructure, focusing on urban traffic systems and infrastructure in big cities.

4. Securing macro-economic stability, renovating growth model, and restructuring the national economy in a bid to increase the productivity, quality, and economic competitiveness.

Reforming mechanisms and policies on banking-finance in order to heighten the quality of growth and guarantee a healthy economy.

5. Focusing on the development of supporting, processing, chemical, fertilizer, material, mechanic, information technology, bio-, and environmental industries; developing high-tech parks.

6. Driving agriculture towards modernity and sustainable development; ensuring food security and hygiene; encouraging mass agricultural production.

7. Developing services, especially highly valued ones; establishing some service centers of regional and international stature; modernizing and expanding value-added services like banking-finance, insurance, securities, logistics.

8. Balancing the development of economic regions; prioritizing resources for socio-economic development in disadvantaged areas; speeding up the Program on building new rural areas; and carrying out the strategy for housing development until 2020, especially for the poor.

9. Balancing the socio and cultural development with economic development.

10. Improving the quality of healthcare system, developing more hospitals and preventive medical centers.

11. Developing science and technology to make it the driving force for quick and sustainable development, focusing on restructuring investment for science and technology; building R&D centers and universities of regional and international standards; accelerating the application and development of clean technologies; designing and implementing roadmap for the development of knowledge economy through 2020.

12. Protecting and improving the quality of the environment, actively adapting to climate change and natural disasters; perfecting mechanisms and policies on environmental protection; developing national criteria system for evaluating the quality of the environment; deploying the national target program on climate change adaptation.

13. Enhancing external relations; developing foreign investment attraction strategy to lure trans-national companies with modern and environmentally friendly to Vietnam ; actively conducting international integration.

14. Maintaining independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity; focusing on completion of land border demarcation and landmark planting, fixing the sea boundaries, ensuring maritime security.

15. Creating breakthroughs in administrative reform through effective realization of the Master Program on administrative reform for the 2011-2020 period; continue to perfect organizational structure, functions and obligation of the Government and local authorities….


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