“Jo Ha Kyu” exhibition in Hanoi

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“Jo Ha Kyu” exhibition in Hanoi

A film and photography installation exhibition entitled ‘Jo Ha Kyu’ by independent film maker Nguyen Trinh Thi and her husband, US photographer Jamie Maxtone Graham, is being held in Hanoi from April 24-May 24.

Their 60 photographs and a short movie provide a window into the Japanese people’s daily life four months after they were severely hit by the tsunami disaster in March last year.

Jo Ha Kyu is an essential concept of the narrative structure in Japan’s traditional temporal arts.

Likened by Noh creator, Zeami, to a small stream expanding into a river which eventually becomes a waterfall that crashes into a still pond, it encapsulates the idea, in simplest terms, of a beginning, middle and end.

Source: VOV

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