Japanese Traditional Musical Instruments performed in Hanoi

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Japanese Traditional Musical Instruments performed in Hanoi

Photo: myspace/aun

A Japanese traditional musical performance entitled “the Marvels of Japanese Music” organized by the Japanese Embassy in Hanoi, in cooperation with the Vietnam National Academy of Music, took place in Hanoion February 14 th at the Youth Theatre, Hanoi.

Participating at the event were the group AUN and the artist Saito Hideyuki. AUN, featuring twin brothers Ryohei and Kohei Inoue, consists of traditional Japanese instruments played in an innovative and electrifying way.

AUN's performances are not only musically complex, but also quite surprising and entertaining, as they encompass today's rock & roll, ambient, and bass & drum styles, popular with young and old alike.

AUN, with cymbal artist Saito Hideyuki, are ready to share their music with Vietnamese audiences. Hideyuki has created the music by mixing traditional and modern elements, interpreted on instruments like taiko, fue, wadaiko and shamisen.

Having been awarded an Emmy prize, the two artists are bringing their music to many nations around the word, including America, India and Pakistan.

They have gone on tour to more than 100 cities around the world. The performance was a joint production with artists from Vietnam's National Academy of Music.

The musical performance was held to help the Vietnamese people better understand traditional Japanese culture, and to contribute to strengthening the friendly relationship between the two countries./.

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