Japan proposes eco-friendly urban area in Hanoi

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Japan proposes eco-friendly urban area in Hanoi

Japan would like to build an urban model of an ecologically environmentally friendly district in Hanoi , said the Japanese Deputy Minister for the Environment, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, Shogo Tsugawa.

Tsugawa revealed this at a meeting with the Chairman of Hanoi’s People's Committee, Nguyen The Thao on March 17.

Thao commended the proposal and said that the Prime Minister has directed Vietnam ’s Ministries of Planning and Investment, and Construction along with Hanoi ’s People's Committee to discuss the initial idea in more detail. This will include choosing a suitable site, the architectural design and the sources of investment for the project.

Tsugawa replied that Japan would like to work with Hanoi and various Vietnamese enterprises to create a forward looking, modern and attractive district that is kind to the environment and energy conscious.

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