It’s hard to manage nude photos on the Internet

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It’s hard to manage nude photos on the Internet

The Department of Fine Art, Photography and Exhibition is making a draft of a new circular to guide local photography. The draft will include some items about releasing photos on the Internet as well as about taking and releasing nude photos.

Song Do Nude work entitled 'Song Do' (Red Wave) taken by photographer Thai Phien publicly published at - photho Thai Phien Photo: Thai Phien

Vi Kien Thanh, head of the department has a talk with Tuoi Tre Newspaper to share more about those items.

According to him, the development of photography has changed many things including, people’s perspective, as well as the way photographers do their job. As a result, the old rules are no longer suitable.

What will be changed in the new circular?

The new circular will cut down the administrative procedures. For example, organizers of photo contests will not have to ask and wait for the government’s permission. They just need to inform managing agencies through documents. If the managers do not give any response, the contests are allowed to continue as planned.

The new circular also gives solutions for managing the release of photos on the Internet. Also, it will add regulations on photo copyright. In sum, the new circular will adjust problems that have occurred recently for local photography.

How will the new circular be a solution for managing the release of sensitive photos on the Internet?

It’s a complicated and difficult task requiring the cooperation of network security and management forces, together with the Ministry of Information and Communication.

If photos are posted on local sites, we can sanction the case. But the prohibition will be way harder for photos that are posted on foreign websites.

With the booming development of the Internet these days, it’s really difficult to manage the photographic industry.


Photo: Thai Phien

So how about taking and releasing nude pictures?

I think we should have the right perspective of nude photos. We can prohibit what offends traditional culture but can’t manage everything on the Internet. The point is we need to raise people’s awareness of the value of true beauty. The law is not a magic wand that can manage everything.

When the circular is issued, culture managers’ art awareness must improve, so that they can judge artworks capably. Particularly in photography, the boundary between nude art and pornography is razor thin.


Photo: Thai Phien

Will the new regulations be applied to photographers in associations or all local photographers?

All of them, of course. But we are only able to manage the photos after they are published, we cannot manage the process of making them.

If their photos violate the law, the photographers will be fined. The highest fine is VND100 million (US$5000).

nude photo

The new circular focuses on managing photographers. How about the regulations on the right to make and release nude photos between photographers and nude models?

In case of making nude photos, photographers and models need to sign a contract that allows the photographer to release the photos. If they don’t sign anything, the release is illegal.

However, these items are just in draft form. We’re afraid that the public will disagree with them since people need to make contracts for nude photos while normal photos do not require papers.

We need to collect opinions and more research to reach the best solution.





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