International Fireworks Competition to light up Da Nang

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International Fireworks Competition to light up Da Nang

Da Nang to sparkle with fireworks displays

In addition to the host team from Vietnam, this year’s event will bring together teams from Canada, China, France, and Italy, all of which won the previous contests from 2008 to 2011.

Da Nang city authorities and related units are working hard to complete the final preparations for the DIFC 2012. A 32,000 seat grandstand, providing nearly 7,000 more seats than for the DIFC 2011, has been installed covering 12,000 square metres along the east bank of the Han River and the city’s tourism sector expects to welcome more than 4,000 visitors.

Inspired by the theme ‘The Colours of Da Nang’, contestants will create displays for the competition using colours, lights and music, in addition to the fireworks. The French team will stage a performance entitled ‘The Legend of Marble Mountain’, delivering the a message: ‘Let your heart lead the way and arouse all of your senses. Let us bring you close to the sweet colours of eternity’. The performance will feature the colours of life through the legend of Marble Mountain (also known as the Mountain of the Five Basic Elements), a symbol of the harmony between the people of Da Nang and nature. The story tells about the symbolic power of each element in Marble Mountain through their specific colours. The element of wood, represented by green, symbolises hope and vitality; Fire is presented as red and stands for strength and passion; and the yellow of Earth represents magical power from the gods. Water, represented by blue is freedom and Metal, shining in white, honours absolute purity.

The Canadian performance entitled ‘We are the Darkness’ focuses on the idea of lighting up the dark and will highlight the sparkling beauty of the Han River accompanied by various types of music, such as the classical masterpiece ‘O Fortuna’ and the animated songs ‘I Gotta feeling’ and ‘Fireworks’. All the colours, sounds and lights will mix together in the end to embellish the night sky over the Han River along with a romantic and jubilant violin composition.

The team from Japan will delight the audience with a story of the land of cherry blossoms, reflecting the hope for a peaceful, happy life, and a harmonious, friendly society, while ‘Da Nang’s Rainbow’, the impressive performance expected from the Italian artists, will inspire spectators by characterising the seven colours of the rainbow with different background music.

The host Da Nang-Vietnam team will present a five part performance about Vietnam’s thousand-year history of national construction and defence and praising the beauty of the country, while accompanied by popular revolutionary songs to reflect the joy of the Vietnamese people on Liberation Day (April 30).

DIFC 2012, where the most beautiful dreams will awaken, promises to light up Da Nang’s sky with a sparkling ambience blended with music and the colours glittering on the Han River. Da Nang will be filled with colourful fireworks, diverse cultures and cheers from the spectators. Through the success of the previous four DIFCs, Da Nang has raised its image as a tourist city and an attractive destination for visitors from both home and abroad, and it hopes to continue to do so this year.


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