Inspection reveals land-use violations in Hanoi

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Inspection reveals land-use violations in Hanoi

Recent inspection have revealed several abuses of land use right in Hanoi.

COMA 25 Company's abandoned project

After a one year Hanoi City Inspectorate audit on land-use, violations in Thanh Tri District were disclosed, including a case at the Ngan Giang Trade and Technology Development Company in Ngoc Hoi Industrial Zone.

The company claimed to have been leased over 5,000 square metres to build mechanical, optical, electronic and automation equipment production and assembly plant in 2006. However, the only plant on site a bare minimum of machinery, with the remaining land lying fallow.

Another plot leased by the government to the Construction Machinery Corporation COMA 25 also remains unused. The construction site only houses a rusted bulldozer and some workers who are building a small house surrounded by high grass.

"The city leased the land to the company since 2008 but you see, it's still mostly abandoned. But I heard the company is going to build factory here." A guard said.

Neither site has any company signage.

Inspectors also named 32 developers that had misused, abandoned or inefficiently used their land and with nine state agencies had illegally rented out state owned land for financial gain had made a total of 28,381 square metres of violated land.

By July, 2004 in Tan Trieu Commune, up to 150 households encroached on over 10,000 square metres of public land. But instead of dealing with the violation, the local authorities granted the use public land to 20 households.

Vinh Quynh Commune also signed contracts to lease nearly 50,000 square metres of Dai La lake to some households for aquaculture activities. Van Phuc Commune rented out over 64,000 square metres of land for co-operative groups for three years term and earned VND595 million (USD28,509).

The Hanoi City Inspectorate has proposed strict measures to deal with the violations in Thanh Tri District. Tan Trieu, Vinh Quynh and Van Phuc communes have been ordered to cancel land contracts immediately and Thanh Tri authorities will be forced to invest the illegally earned income into the affected communes.

Ngan Giang Company’s deserted lot

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