Improving quality of Government officials in public policy for environmental protection

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Improving quality of Government officials in public policy for environmental protection

CPV: Today, January 21, Vietnam National University VNU - HCMC, Duke University and GE Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding in connection with their developing a Master Program on Public Policy for Environmental Protection.

With financial support and initial funding from GE Foundation, VNU-HCMC has collaborated with scholars from Duke’s Sanford School of Public Policy and Nicholas School of the Enviroment since October 2009 to design a Master’s Degree Program on Public Policy for Environmental Protection for Vietnam. The program is planned to start in October 2011 at University of Social Sciences and Humanities under VNU-HCMC.

One of the current challenges in Vietnam is that most of civil servants and leaders particularly in the field of public policy are working without having had the benefit of advanced academic and professional training that would be particularly helpful to initiate and handle the changes necessary to move smoothly to a more market - based economy.

Vietnamese youth are cleaning street for a green environment.

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Therefor, this program is designed to equip civil servants and others in the public sector with the skills to consider environmental factors and how to forecast/mitigate the possible environmental impacts in the process of public policy development.

Current post graduate degree training programs offered by the National Public Administration Academy and the National Political Academy are often concentrated on the political aspect of governance. In this context, the development of a post-graduate training program on public policy management is necessary, to provide knowledge and analytical tools for understanding and analyzing public policy and management in different contexts as well as for organizing and delivering public services especially in environmental protection.

The main objective of this project is to build and operate a training program with appropriate subjects at the Master’s level in public policy focusing on environmental protection with the consultancy and technical assistance of leading professors from prestigious schools at Duke University and VNU-HCMC. It is availabe for Government officials working in public institutions at all levels; officials who are managing and participating in policy–making for non-government organizations, social organizations and private consulting companies

This is a Vietnamese post-graduate training program with the faculty staff coming from members of VNU-HCMC who have participated in a capacity-building program run by professors at Duke University.

Duke University located in Durham (North Carolina, US) is a highly selective research university with schools of medicine, public policy, environment, engineering, divinity, law, nursing and business.

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