Idecaf introduces new films in March

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Idecaf introduces new films in March

Idécaf will screen three French films and one Vietnamese film this month.Tickets are VND15,000/person, available at Idécaf, 28 Le Thanh Ton Street, HCMC’s District 1.

Idecaf introduces new films in March

By Minh Nhat in HCMC

A scene from the movie “Oublier Cheyenne” - Photo: Courtesy of Idecaf Idécaf will screen three French films and one Vietnamese film this month.Tickets are VND15,000/person, available at Idécaf, 28 Le Thanh Ton Street, HCMC’s District 1.

Directed by Valérie Minetto and starring Mila Dekker, Aurélia Petit, Malik Zidi, Luc Leclerc du Sablon, the film “Oublier Cheyenne” will be. Sonia (Aurelia Petit), a dedicated high school science teacher still hurting from a bad break-up, spends the occasional night with other companions but is always scanning the horizon for Cheyenne (Mila Dekker). She hooks up with Pierre (Malik Zidi), a cute young anarchist who declares his love and Beatrice (Guilaine Londez), a cool dyke with bad intentions whom she meets in a lesbian bar. But Cheyenne is ever-present in her thoughts. A year after being laid off her job as a journalist and with unemployment at an all-time high, Cheyenne still hasn’t found a job. Unable to pay her heat or electric bill, she becomes disillusioned with “the system” and decides to live independent from “the machine.” She packs all her possessions into bags, secures them on her bike and starts peddling towards the country, sleeping alongside the road on the way. Screened on March 5 at 3 p.m.

“Quand tu descendras du ciel” by Eric Guirado has won many awards such as Jean Carment Award, Audience Award-2003 Angers European First Film Festival. Jérôme and his mother struggle to keep their dairy farm running. One morning, he heads for town to look for work for a couple of months. Jérôme then strikes up a friendship with La Chignole, a boisterous tramp, and gets hired by the local mayor to assist another worker, Lucien, to decorate the town’s Christmas trees. But it’s not long before an unexpected and less pleasant aspect of his job is revealed when city hall applies anti-begging laws to “clean out” the town center of its homeless people and tramps during the Christmas period. Lucien puts the pressure on and Jérôme, fighting his conscience, reluctantly carries out his job. That is until the day he discovers that La Chignole is one of the homeless convoy. The film will show on March 12 at 3 p.m.

“Voisins, voisines” by Malik Chibane is set in the suburbs of Paris when the residents of the Mozart estate, a privatized former public housing estate, get a new caretaker, Paco, and a new neighbor, a rap musician. The rapper, lacking inspiration, only has three days to write his lyrics, otherwise he can say goodbye to the advance he received from the record company... Ideas? Lyrics? Music? But what if his inspiration was right there on the doorstep? The rap musician observes, composes, writes and sings. The Mozart estate becomes the stage for a hip hop fable as the rapper turns into the good genie of his neighbors’ destiny. It will be screened on March 19 at 3 p.m.

“Floating lives”, directed by Nguyen Phan Quang Binh, is a drama based on the novel “Canh dong bat tan” by Vietnamese writer Nguyen Ngoc Tu. The film starring Dustin Nguyen, Do Hai Yen, Tang Thanh Ha and Vo Thanh Hoa, tells about the hardships of farmers in the Mekong Delta. Vo, played by Dustin Nguyen, and his two children, move from field to field with his duck flock. Then bird flu breaks out and threatens their livelihood. Although there’s little to go around, Vo saves Suong (Do Hai Yen), a prostitute who has been expelled from her village, and takes her aboard his home, a house boat. Their journey together is fraught with resentment and injustice. The film will be screened on March 26 at 3 p.m..

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