IT product year-end market: hardware get more expensive, computers unsold

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IT product year-end market: hardware get more expensive, computers unsold

VietNamNet Bridge – The heavy floods in Thailand have led to the computer hardware prices increasing continuously. The computer market in the year-end sale season is gloomy because the price has become double.

Hardware price up, computer gets more expensive

The prices of computer hardware have increased dramatically recently, because of the interrupted supply from Thailand, which provides 45 percent of the total number of hardware worldwide, according to IDC. Western Digital alone has 60 percent of computer hardware made at the factories in Thailand.

The short supply of hardware has affected the Vietnamese computer market. According to Lai Van Van, Business Director of Infoland, which specializes in trading computer accessories, said that the hardware price has increased by 30-40 percent just within a short time. Especially, at some moments, the price jumped by 100 percent.

Meanwhile,, Vien Thong A, Phong Vu or Bach Khoa Computer have reported the price increases of 200,000-500,000 dong for some models of laptops of Asus, Dell or Acer. Besides, those, who buy ready assembled desktops, or buy parts for assembling themselves, also have to pay hundreds of thousands of dong, or one million dong more than previously.

However, the representatives of the distribution chains said that the price increases have been applied only to the new imports, while the products which were imported some months before, still have the prices unchanged. Especially, some products have even seen the prices decreases under the sale promotion campaigns.

As for desktops, the prices of hardware, CPU or RAM have increased, but just slightly.

Sales going slowly

Though big distribution chains all try to attract buyers by running sales promotion campaigns and offering price discounts, they have affirmed that the sales have been going very slowly due to the very weak demand.

Van said that computers have been left unsold for a long time at shops. Laptops have been selling very slowly, while desktops have nearly been unsold. In general 2011 was really a very tough year for computer traders.
A salesman of Phong Vu Shop has also confirmed that the number of customers has dropped dramatically. People now tend to purchase laptops instead of desktops.

Ngoc Phan, a Viet Kieu in the US, who has returned to Vietnam to celebrate Tet, said that he was surprised when seeing a lot of young men purchasing laptops at Nguyen Kim Shopping Mall. And he realized that those, who buy Toshiba laptops, can enjoy the price discount of 2 million dong. “With the price, laptops products seem to be even cheaper than in the US,” he said.

Lam Tri Dung, Technique Director of an information technology company in HCM City, said that his company, specializing in computer services has also suffered from the weak demand.

In previous years, November and December were the time when we received most of customers who ordered the company to fix errors and upgrade laptops or make decorations. However, very few people have ordered the services so far, while the company’s staff has been sitting idle.

According to IDC, the short supply of hardware would last until the end of the first quarter of 2012. However, it believes that the market would not bear big influences, since the number of hardware products in stocks is still big enough to maintain production, while the hardware production has resumed.

However, it is very likely that the market price would become stabilized only in the second half of 2012.

Source: VnExpress

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