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Symantec announces new approach

Symantec Corp, specialising in providing security, storage and systems management solutions, announced a new, integrated approach to modernising backup and recovery on Wednesday.

Compared to traditional methods, it will enable 100 times faster backup, ease management and simplify recovery in the case of disaster, thus helping customers safe on costs.

The approach focuses on changing the operating model of backup to reduce operating costs by up to 80 per cent over a five-year period, according to Alex Ong, Viet Nam country director.

According to the company's 2011 findings, small-and medium-sized businesses only make preparedness a priority after they experience a disaster or data loss. Thirty per cent of respondents did not have a plan in place and 50 per cent said preparedness was not their priority.

FPT Uni promotes investment in VN

FPT University will help Singaporean enterprises learn more about operating, trading and investing in Viet Nam.

Accordingly, the FPT School of Business (FSB) and the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) will run a 5-day training programme entitled "Seek Out Investment Opportunities in Viet Nam's market for the Singapore Business Association".

During the training programme, companies from Singapore will be taught in Vietnamese business culture, investment and the main economic policies.

Cloud computing to be utilised

IBM announced that cloud-computing technology has been utilised at 13 per cent of enterprises and is expected to rise 41 per cent in the next three years.

Accordingly, 72 per cent of enterprises said they used cloud-computing technology, including 38 per cent deploying, 21 per cent accessing and 13 per cent using the platform for business.

The number of enterprises using cloud computing is expected to increase significantly in the next three years, with 90 per cent of respondents saying they have plans to start using the technology.

IBM expected the growth of cloud computing to rise 22 per cent per year to be worth US$241 billion in 2020.

VTC switches to Vinasat 1 satellite

The Viet Nam Multimedia Corporation (VTC) has switched from the AsiaSat5 to the Viet Nam VINASAT1 satellite to better serve its customers.

One month after it was launched, VTC stopped providing services via the AsiaSat5. Its Customer Care Centre proactively contacted customers to convert to the VINASAT AsiaSat5 1. debuts in Asia, the international version of the mobile application download store, officially debuted during the Demo Asia exhibition.

Appota is expected to become operational in Viet Nam in two months and will be introduced to the foreign market later on.

Launched in late 2010, has become the largest applications download store in Viet Nam with dozens of attractive services for mobile phones, especially Smart Phones. Every day, more than 200,000 downloads of digital content for 67 per cent of iOS users and 12 per cent of Android users are reported in the country.

VNPT unveils high-quality service

Viet Nam Post and Telocommunication Corporation joined hands with the Viet Nhat Communication Technology JSC to offer a new MegaConference service, employing Plycom technology, to ensure high sound and image quality.

MegaConference uses an internet protocol platform-based video signal switching system integrated with advanced technologies to enable content sharing, high security and compatibility with a wide choice of terminals of suppliers such as Sony and Cisco.

The service does not require customers to invest in multipoint control units for switching signals, thus saving costs, while enabling unlimited connections for organising large meetings.

Local PC market has a good run

The local personal computer market showed an impressive growth in 2011, with more than 2.1 million units sold, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).

The figure represented a year-on-year increase of 9.8 percent, attributed to a rapid increase in sales of laptops, with 639,000 pieces sold in the fourth quarter.

The five leading PC providers in the Vietnamese market are Dell (21 percent of total market share), Acer (13 percent), Asus (10 percent), HP (9 percent) and Lenovo (6 percent).

IDC forecast that the local PC market will increase slightly due to a government policy on public expenditure cuts.

IDC is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Data Group (IDG), the world's leading technology, media, events and research company.

Internet access to be extended to more Ben Tre farmers

Ben Tre Province plans to extend computer and internet access to more farmers to help them boost yields and cut costs, said Nguyen Thi Hong Hoa, the provincial head of the Viet Nam Farmers Association

Hoa said four communes now had improved access to the internet under the scheme and that her association would extend the programme to a further 21 communes and later to the whole province.

The project, which is funded by the association, aims to give farmers better access to the latest agricultural and livestock-rearing techniques, prices, weather forecasts and information on diseases.

The project was launched two years ago in Tan Phong and My Chanh communes. A year later, it was extended to Phu Thuan and Binh Thanh.

A permanent member of staff was employed in each commune to assist farmers with using computers and accessing the internet, and to promote the scheme.

Farmer Le Van Huong, from Taân Phong Commune, Thanh Phu District, said access to the internet had helped him improve his farming techniques and to better protect his rice crops from pests.

In addition to the internet, Huong said he could also access information from the TV, radio, and newspapers.

Although rice produced in Ben Tre is of good quality, production is less than in other provinces in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta region.

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