Hospital charges to increase by 26 percent

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Hospital charges to increase by 26 percent

VietNamNet Bridge - According to Vietnam Social Insurance, if the new hospital charge plan is applied, all the fees will increase by 26 percent.

The price table of medical services at a hospital in Hanoi.

The increase will bring more negative implications on those people without Health Insurance Cards. It will also affect those people in difficulties and suffering serious and chronic diseases such as heart, kidney, and cancer. They have to pay 5% more out of the total hospital charges on their treatment.

To solve this issue, the Health Ministry plans to submit the Government a proposal to amend the Decision 139 to create an extra financial source for poor patients, especially those with serious chronic diseases.

The increase of hospital charges will be done along with the adjustment of the health insurance fees. Hence, this new policy is expected to receive the public support.

The uninsured patients have to bear the whole hospital cost when it increases further. This has raised a concern that there would be more obstacles in realizing the roadmap for nationally applying the health insurance. Vietnam Social Insurance has requested an increased fee of 5% of monthly minimum wage from the current level of 4.5% for the health insurance.

By the end of 2011, there were 57 health insurance participants. All people in such sector as agriculture, forestry, and fishery were forced to join. Currently, the number of voluntary participants is not high, thus doesn’t affect the growth of insured people.

The increase will only influence on two groups. The first group includes the people with achievements in the past and people in difficulties who have been receiving the support from the State budget. The second group is business circle as they have to pay more insurance fees for their employees, raising their input cost and finished product price.

When the hospital charges increase, it is necessary to strictly monitor the Health Insurance fund to reduce the waste and loss. Currently, shortcomings in medicine description and usage are seen as main causes for the waste in the Health Insurance Fund. The medicine expenditure accounts for 60% of the total hospital charges because many medicines cost up to millions of VND per day. Last year, Vietnam Social Insurance refused to pay some cases with such expensive but not necessary description.


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