Horror flick reaps billions of VND after first day’s screening

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Horror flick reaps billions of VND after first day’s screening

Local producer CreaTV announced Sunday that their newest horror work “Ngoi nha trong hem” (House in the alley) reaped a box office record of VND 2.4 billion (USD114,887) on Tuesday alone, the first day the film hit cinemas nationwide , The Thao Van Hoa Newspaper reported.

Actress Ngo Thanh Van and actor Tran Bao Son posing for the film's poster
Although there is yet to be an official ranking film premiere ticket revenue in the history of local cinema, The Thao Van Hoa said the number set by “House in the alley”, by director Le Van Kiet could very well be a new record.

The 2011 comedy “Long Ruoi” by Charlie Nguyen, which has been established as Vietnam’s all-time biggest blockbuster, earned VND 42 billion (USD2 million) in the month after its release.

Impressed by the first day’s number, most of the biggest cinemas in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh have decided to dedicate more screens to show the film. While Megastar Cineplex has 15 screenings a day with both digital and normal versions, Thang 8 Cinema in Hanoi dedicated 8 slots, making it the only domestic film still shown at the cinema.

Featuring a top star cast including actress Ngo Thanh Van and businessman-turned-star-actor Tran Bao Son, “House in the alley” tells of the psychological struggle of a young couple who have lost their child.

The film has caused divided opinion among local cinema fans and critics, who complimented the acting, its post-production in America, while some said the storyline and script were weak and unpersuasive.

In addition to “House in the alley”, Kiet directed “Bay cap 3”, an adventure movie which has yet to be released domestically and “Cuoi duong bang”, a TV drama about the fashion industry.

Born in 1978 in Bien Hoa, Kiet later moved to America and studied at the University of California, Los Angeles with a full scholarship. His early works in America included “Sau ngu” (Sad fish), “Bui doi” (Dust of life) and a number of other short films.

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