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Hong Kong actor Tran Hao (Moses Chan) and his team came to Vietnam (March 10-15) to make Hong Kong TVB’s reality show, “Coffee Confidential 2011”.

Tran Hao (R) and Ly Nha Ky in Ho Chi Minh city Photo: Tuoi Tre

Hosted by Tran Hao, “Coffee Confidential” is a well-known Hong Kong reality show that introduces coffee and coffee culture from countries across the globe famous for their coffee. The show first premiered in 2009 to a huge success and since then has created a new coffee-drinking trend in Hong Kong.

Tran Hao was in Vietnam to make a sequel to the first 12-episode series. The second series will take them to many countries, including Jamaica, Brazil, Australia, and Vietnam -- with Vietnam, the second largest coffee producer in the world, being their first stop.

When asked about the purpose of his trip in Vietnam in an interview, he answered: “I love Vietnamese people, Vietnamese food and also Vietnamese coffee. We’ve come here to promote Vietnamese coffee to the world, even though it has been famous already.”

In the first three days in Vietnam, the team traveled to Buon Ma Thuot to shoot the vast coffee fields and the loving ways the farmers grow and make coffee.

By a stroke of luck, they arrived there at the same time the coffee festival was taking place. Tran Hao was surprised at the affection the Vietnamese people showed towards coffee.

They spent the last two days in Ho Chi Minh city, filming the Vietnamese coffee-drinking etiquette and culture.

“We want to introduce to Hong Kong viewers the coffee lovers in Vietnam, the production method, and the quality of Vietnamese coffee”, said Tran Hao.

The special taste of Vietnamese coffee, the interesting way of making and enjoying coffee of the Vietnamese people captured the heart of Tran Hao.

“I want to come back to Vietnam someday, because of the food and the friendliness of the people. This is a very peaceful country,” said Tran Hao before leaving Vietnam.

This episode of the show will be aired on Hong Kong TVB channel at the end of this year.

Tran Hao - The “Coffee King” of Hong Kong

“Moonlight Resonance”, “Land of Wealth”, “Riches and Stitches” are some of the famous movies that star Tran Hao.

Tran Hao admits he is a “coffee junkie”. He loves making an original “Tran Hao brand” coffee every morning.

The success of the reality show “Coffee Confidential” on TVB has given him a new nickname - “Hong Kong’s Coffee King”. However, he wants to hang onto his “coffee junkie” title.

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