Home-made biofuel ready for action

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Vietnam’s first locally-made ethanol-blended gasoline has been successfully produced, Dong Xanh Joint Stock Company announced on Wednesday.

The company said it will start selling the biofuel in the near future, with an estimated price VND2,000 (11 U.S. cents) a liter lower than the retail price of A92, the most common type of gasoline used by cars and motorbikes.

The company’s ethanol plant in central Quang Nam Province’s Dai Loc District is set to produce 120 million liters of ethanol a year from cassava and sugarcane.

Company representatives said the plant will use 300,000 tons of dried cassava for ethanol production a year, which will help cassava farmers in central provinces earn some VND300 billion ($16.8 million).

Last year, Dong Xanh Company teamed up with the state-owned PV Oil’s Petrochemical and Biofuel Joint Stock Company (PVB) to sell imported ethanol-blended gasoline on a trial basis in some provinces.

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